New in-house barista at So France, meet Noor Ellisa Salan

With over a decade of experience in coffee roasting and coffee-making, Noor Ellisa Salan, better known as Dee, is So France’s new in-house barista. Fascinated with how coffee is cultivated and made, she has spent time honing her craft at coffee establishments in Singapore.

She has elected to use the Throwback beans from PPP Coffee at So France because the speciality coffee boutique delivers consistent roasting and flavour. In her opinion, these two elements are the main building blocks of a good cup of coffee. Throwback is a blend of coffees from India and Colombia which offers rich flavours of dark chocolate and hazelnut.

To Dee, time and technique is best invested in creating the perfect cup of coffee based on each customer’s preference. To this end, she has also introduced carefully selected non-dairy milk alternatives such as almond, soy, and oat milks which blend perfectly with the subtle flavour of the Throwback beans. This is to ensure that as many So France customers as possible get to enjoy their daily cuppa just the way they like it.

“It’s the small details that contribute towards creating the perfect cup of coffee,” shared Dee. 

“A good cup of coffee isn't simply a combination of good beans and technique. It’s also the heart that a barista puts into making that cuppa.”

Learn more about Throwback beans from PPP Coffee.  

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