Les Abatilles

Grand Cru water


Arcachon Bay – Nouvelle Aquitaine region


Mineral water

Deep in south-west France near the Bay of Arcachon surrounded by beautiful ocean, beach and pine forest landscapes, Abatilles natural mineral water has been drawn every day for almost a century from a depth of 472 metres (1,548 feet).

In August 1923, a French engineer named Louis Le Marié, who was in search of oil, came across a hot sulphur spring at 25°C in the Abatilles region. The company Thermale des Abatilles was born.

In 2013, the company was bought by the Bordeaux wine merchant and producer Jean Merlaut (owner of Château Gruaud Larose Saint-Julien-Beychevelle and Château Malagar) and wine merchant Hervé Maudet, a restaurant specialist who was named Abatilles’s Spring Director.

The new owners invested in a new production line to boost production capacity (from 12,000 to 18,000 bottles per hour).

‘Return to nature what it gives us’
‘Let’s drink and sort our waste more to live better!’
The Abatilles Spring is committed to an environmentally-friendly approach, from distribution to waste management.
Conserving resources (only pumping 25% of the volume allowed), reducing overall consumption of water and electricity (down 40% compared to 2008), recycling bottles, prioritising local marketing, reducing CO2 emissions from transport operations, 100%-recyclable packaging (bottles and corks).
30 people work on site, some of whom are second or third generation. All strive to fulfil the same aim: to extract, check, bottle and deliver to you a pure mineral water with natural qualities that are identical to that which flows from the spring.

Guaranteed pure and light

Zero processing and continuous inspection
Zero nitrates

Abatilles water, with its natural qualities and purity, undergoes no treatment or processing of any kind before being bottled. Unlike spring water, mineral water must guarantee a consistent and stable mineral content. This guarantee of stability and purity means running a comprehensive range of physical, chemical and microbiological tests every two hours in our laboratories. Natural mineral water is one of the most tested products in the food industry.
Still and sparkling mineral water
Still and sparkling bottled water 1l
Still and sparkling bottled water 500ml
Still and sparkling bottled water (glass) 750 ml
Still and sparkling bottled water (glass) 500 ml


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