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Agen prunes

A glossy “black gold” from the sun-drenched South-West, the natural result of a dried Ente plum ripened to perfection and prepared according to ancient traditions.


Agenais – Lot-et-Garonne, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine


Vergers D’escoute

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A glossy “black gold” from the sun-drenched South-West, the natural result of a dried Ente plum ripened to perfection and prepared according to ancient traditions. For centuries, the Agen prune has been rooted in our food culture. Natural, soft and tasty, it not only meets the requirements of a healthy, balanced diet, it is also the perfect healthy indulgence.
A fruit high in energy and good for the health, with fibers to regulate the metabolism, its slow-release sugars, numerous and varied minerals, wide range of vitamins including the very valuable beta-carotene, the prune continues to play a vital role in good health. It is delicious in savoury dishes as well as sweet desserts in modern or traditional recipes.

Agen prunes are a delicacy on their own and are available all year round. Compact, easy to transport, natural and energising, they are a perfect as a snack and also a wonderful ingredient in the kitchen. They are as well-suited to sweet or savoury, traditional or regional dishes as they are to the current requirements of modern cuisine pairing nutritional balance with gourmet treats.

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How to serve it

It is the easiest thing in the world to enjoy!

  • They can be found in a variety of forms and are the perfect ingredients for your culinary creativity. Depending on your particular recipe.

Prune creams, jams and pastes
These are made from prunes, generally of a small size grade. They are perfect for making desserts, sauces, puddings, milk products, on toast for breakfast, or just on their own – or for stuffing Agen prunes once they have been pitted

Stewed prunes
Made from small prunes, these go fantastically with white cheese, rice or creamed semolina. True gourmets can even add a little cinnamon or vanilla.

Prunes in syrup
These are rehydrated prunes which are placed with syrup in a tin or jar. They make a very easy dessert or breakfast.

Prunes in alcohol (wine, brandy, Armagnac):
These are prunes which have been steeped in alcoholic liquor. They are delicious as a post-dinner treat after a good meal or with coffee.

Prune juice
These are very popular as a health food or during sports activities. Prunes in sports nutrition

How do I keep prunes once they are open?
Robust and available all year round, these dried fruit pose no preservation issues and keep very well in their original packaging in a cupboard at room temperature before being opened. Once opened they can be stored for a few days in a waterproof container in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator to keep them soft. Prunes placed in a dry environment will tend to dry out. If this happens, you can return them to their original texture by immersing them in simmering water for a few minutes. Adding tea (such as bergamot), orange blossom water, vanilla extract or other spices to the rehydration water gives your prunes a touch of the exotic.

How do I pit prunes without splitting them (e.g. in order to stuff them)?

If you buy whole prunes and want to pit them without splitting them in half, cut the tip of the fruit and then use a fine, thoroughly cleaned pincer-like tool (e.g. tweezers, pliers, scissors) to grasp the kernel inside the fruit and delicately pull it out lengthways. You can then use a pastry bag to stuff the prune with the filling of your choice (fresh cheese with herbs, chocolate ganache etc.)

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Because the prune is rich in fiber, it is an excellent source of iron, magnesium and vitamin E, and recommended for athletes!

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Confit Agen prunes in red wine with vanilla (or prun and armagnac) ice cream


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