A history with a touch of genius


Terrasson – Périgord Noir – Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

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Chocolate, chocolate spread

Coming from a family of restaurateurs, Valter Bovetti was immersed in the culinary arts from a very young age, in particular spending whole Sundays helping out in the family establishment ‘da Cesare’ (named after his father Cesar). In 1985 at the age of 27, he left Italy and his native Piedmont to settle in France. In 1994, he finally achieved his dream of opening a chocolaterie in Aubazine, Corrèze.

In 2002, the large-scale Bovetti chocolate factory opened in Terrasson in the Dordogne with a workshop, shop and even museum all on a single site.

Wishing to strengthen his passion for quality and to make respect for the environment part of the work of the producers supplying him, in 2008 Valter Bovetti created his own certified organic ‘Fairtrade’ range. This range is made entirely using exceptional grand cru chocolate from Santo Domingo.

This certified Fairtrade approach ensures that planters receive a decent income.

Valter Bovetti has opted for organic principles as a way of bringing his professional conscience in line with his personal convictions for sustainable, healthier agriculture.

In order to ensure the best possible raw materials, Valter Bovetti regularly visits his partner plantations where he can carefully select the very best cocoa beans himself. He is personally committed to verifying the processing methods used in producing countries and to continually improving his understanding of planters’ lives.

Bovetti cocoa powder 200 g
Bovetti hazelnut / milk chocolate spread
Bovetti hazelnut / dark chocolate spread
Bovetti hazelnut / milk chocolate and salted caramel spread
Bovetti dark hazelnut spread with no added sugar
Dark chocolate 73% cocoa 25g
Dark chocolate with cocoa beans 25g
Dark chocolate with crystallised ginger 25g
Milk chocolate with rose 25g
Dark chocolate 73% cocoa 50g
Dark chocolate with lavender flowers 50g
Dark chocolate with crystallised ginger 50g
Dark chocolate with crystallised violets 50g
Milk chocolate with coconut 50g
White chocolate with cherry 50g
Dark chocolate 73% cocoa 100g
Chocolate with candied orange 100g
Paris dark chocolate (Eiffel Tower decoration) 100g
Dark chocolate with dried fruit 100g
Dark chocolate hearts (with sugar) 100g
Milk chocolate 100g
Milk chocolate with hazelnuts 100g
White chocolate, raspberry flavour 100g
Dark chocolate Périgord walnuts
Dark chocolate almonds
Milk chocolate almonds
Dark chocolate orangettes