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Sharing the tradition of flavour


Saint-Sever – Landes – Nouvelle-Aquitaine region


Foie gras, rillettes, terrine, piperade, cassoulet, confits

Since 1864, artisan cooks at Maison Dubernet have been cultivating a passion for the flavours of the traditional recipes from the southwest of France. These delicate and rich flavours exalt the fine ingredients of a fertile and generous land.

A story of passion for the food from the southwest of France
Since its creation in Saint Sever, Maison Dubernet has been perfecting its gastronomic know-how, handing down its inimitable recipes from generation to generation.
Backed by its talented artisans, all lovers of fine food, it symbolises the excellence of the cuisine of the ‘Landes’ area, known to connoisseurs and chefs in France’s finest restaurants.
By respecting Gascony’s ancestral recipes, Maison Dubernet is committed to sharing the finest flavours this region has to offer, in order to perpetuate the tradition of taste and give it its well-deserved place in our daily lives.
Maison Dubernet selects its ingredients from the region’s finest producers. Fresh and prepared by hand, all of the meat, vegetables and condiments used to make Dubernet recipes are sourced from exceptional suppliers and are your guarantee of impeccable quality.
Whole duck foie gras 125g
Whole duck foie gras 200g
Whole goose foie gras 125g
Whole goose foie gras 200g
Block of duck foie gras with 70% pieces 1/6
Thierry Marx whole duck foie gras box 200g
Country pâté 125g
Basque pâté with Espelette pepper 125g
Partridge pâté with duck foie gras
Gourmet duck pâté 125g
Duck rillettes 125g
Goose rillettes
Pâté ‘Bayonnais’ with 10% foie gras 125g
Rabbit pâté with prunes and 30% foie gras 125g
Duck pâté with 30% foie gras 125g
Wild boar pâté with foie gras 125g
Pheasant pâté with foie gras 125g
Roebuck pâté with foie gras 125g
Hare pâté with foie gras 125g
Pork confits 1/2
Confit sausages 1/2
Duck gizzards confit 1/2
Duck confits 3 legs 5/4
Goose confits 2 legs 5/4
Lentil casserole 750g
Basque chicken piperade 750g
Poule au pot 750g
Veal axoa 750g
Chalossais cassoulet 750g
Duck gizzards confit 1/1
Semi-cooked whole duck foie gras terrine 1kg
Country pâté 125g

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