Espelette pepper

Imported from South America, the Espelette pepper is an emblem of the Basque Country, its gastronomy and its culture.


Pays Basque – Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine


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How to serve it

Espelette pepper is great for everyday use!

In strings (either fresh or dried), strips can be used in your dishes, sauces or marinades, or even softened in oil like garlic or onions. They can also make an appearance in cooking liquids (pasta, rice) or stew recipes.
You can even grind your peppers (including seeds) down to a powder once the string has been dried for around two months.

In powdered form, Espelette pepper is used at the end of the meal preparation to spice up your dishes and enhance their flavours. As a key condiment, it is a good replacement for pepper. Enjoy unreservedly!
The espelette pepper has been used instead of pepper in Basque cuisine for five centuries and serves to enhance the “dishes of the soil”.

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