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Caviar par excellence


Le Teich – Arcachon Bay – Nouvelle-Aquitaine



Esturgonnière has been producing exceptional caviar since 1991 using local geothermal production.

The company was created with the aim of breeding fish for the quality of their white, boneless flesh, opting for quality by selecting the Siberian sturgeon. It then went into caviar production ten years later. In 1999, the operation invested in a vast programme of expansion and environmental standard achievement.
Today, production of this precious black gold is Esturgonnière’s primary activity, with four tons produced every year.
Esturgonnière is committed to returning water to its natural environment at an equivalent quality level using a unique, innovative process.

Focused on its environmental impact since the company first went into operations, Esturgonnière has operated based on clean, entirely renewable energy.
The company’s treatment facility is unique in Europe, with the ultra-modern, high-performance technology from Denmark first put into operation at the Le Teich site.
Esturgonnière’s mastery of the caviar cycle and production

Young fish weigh just a few grams in the hatchery, whilst adult specimens reach over 50 kilos after a few years. Over the course of more than two decades, Esturgonnière has been able to develop unique expertise and total traceability throughout the sturgeon breeding cycle.
Once harvested, the caviar is canned the very same day then immediately packaged for improved shelf life (six to nine months). There is total traceability, with the dated tins providing complete, precise and thorough information.
Perlita caviar is not pasteurised.
Aquitaine PERLITA caviar

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Cauliflower cream with caviar


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