La Débauche

Creativity, daring and authenticity


Area: Angoulême – Nouvelle-Aquitaine region



La Débauche is a young, dynamic brewery which opened in July 2013, now offering up to thirty different craft beers.

Exploring La Débauche beers…

Each of the beers begins as a visual experience. Particular care and attention is paid as much to the bottles as to the secrets they contain. All of the labels are created by artists from various fields, including tattoo art, painting, illustration and digital collage. This way of working ensures a unique and attractive finished product that takes a comprehensive approach to quality and aesthetics.
From work with yeast to work with oak, from the choice of raw materials to the regular creation of new recipes, the La Débauche team strives to brew high-quality, characterful, surprising bears.
Barrel aging:
Leave to mature, taste, take your time, then return, blend and taste again: the La Débauche team undertakes truly filigree work when it comes to barrel aging. They use different types of barrels (Cognac, red wine, Domaine de l’Ile Margaux, Heaven Hill bourbon, Oloroso, sherry) to develop aromas and work with powerful and unique aromatic notes.

Whether black, sharp, experimental, barrel-aged or hoppy, the beers created by the La Débauche team reflect both their creativity and their desire to satisfy increasingly demanding palates.
Lindy Hop – beer 330ml 1
IPA – beer 330ml 2
Pimp my IPA
Baltic Porter – beer 330ml 3
Big Boy – beer 330ml 4
Cognac Barrel – beer 330ml 5
Demi Modaine – beer 330ml 6
Summer oddity – beer 330ml 7
Nevermore – beer 330ml 8
Slap a Banker – beer 330ml 9


7 Fraser Street
Duo Galleria #01-51/56
Singapore 189356
Bugis MRT

[email protected]

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
8am – 10pm

Saturday & Sunday
9am – 10pm

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