The pleasure of taste


Bordeaux – Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

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Organic fruit juices, smoothies, syrups, cooking aids

Maison Meneau, the heirs to a long line of flavour.

Maison Meneau was established in 1879 at the port of Bordeaux, where flavours were brought together and the company blended sugar from faraway islands with Aquitaine fruit for the pleasure of taste. Today the family company is run by Vincent and Philippe Lassalle Saint-Jean, heirs to the artisan recipes. It carries on the company’s legacy and continues to use ingredients from all over the world.
Combining the pleasure of good taste and good health: in the quest for a perfect balance.

Syrups, fruit juices, smoothies, cooking aids – Maison Meneau sells a wide range of products with sought-after flavours that meet quality standards. They are also constantly seeking to develop new recipes and new types of consumption.

ORGANIC – Ecocert Excellence certification

Maison Meneau and the organic approach
Responsibility, authenticity and quality are the key values which have prompted Maison Meneau to turn to organic agriculture.
Sharing, precautionary principles and innovation are the commitments made to support their sustainable development approach.

100% organic products
All of the raw materials used by Maison Meneau come from organic agriculture.
Juices and syrups are made without any chemical additives, preservatives, colourings or flavour enhancers.

Maison Meneau is also committed to the organic fair trade sector for sugar (from Paraguay and Brazil), ensuring fair prices to cover production, environmental and social costs that also leave a margin for local investment (in schools or even dental clinics).

Kiwi nectar (southwest) 750ml
Strawberry & raspberry nectar 750 ml
Apricot nectar 750 ml
Peach nectar 750 ml
Pineapple and banana smoothies 250 ml
Banana, raspberry and pear smoothies 250 ml
Mango and passion fruit smoothies 250 ml
Banana, apple and blueberry smoothies 250 ml
Banana and strawberry smoothies 250 ml
Iced green tea – mint
Iced green tea – peach
Iced green tea – lemon and ginger
Organic Bella Lula lemonade, small
Organic Bella Lula orangeade, small
Organic Bella Lula lemonade, large
Organic Bella Lula orangeade, large
Mint syrup
Red fruit syrup
Grenadine syrup
Orange syrup
Pink grapefruit syrup