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Pierre Oteiza

His motto: let time take its course!


Aldudes Valley – Basque Country – Nouvelle-Aquitaine region


Les Aldudes ham, Les Aldudes sausage, Jésus sausage, dry sausage, guindillas, piperade, baked beans

Pierre Oteiza is a Basque pig breeder and an artisan producer specialising in charcuterie and salted meat products. A butcher by trade, he revived Basque pig breeding in the early 1990s, thus developing economic activity in his native Aldudes valley. Pierre Oteiza was able to build up a team of 80 breeders to develop breeding activities and build a shared drying room for cured ham. His flagship product of ‘Kintoa’ ham has just obtained an PDO (protected designation of origin).

Currently, Pierre OTEIZA employs about fifty people, 25 of them working in Aldudes. He has developed his commercial network, with retail shops all over the world. His products can be found in high-end restaurants and delicatessens in France, Europe, South-East Asia and North America.

Pierre Oteiza is committed to the ‘Sustainable Development Destination’ approach.
This consists of taking the time to follow the natural pace of breeding and respect the environment and biodiversity.
Taking the time to breed Basque pigs properly in order to ensure their well-being and lifestyle outside in the Basque mountains.
Taking the time to refine ham and sausages to obtain the maximum possible quality.
Pierre Oteiza’s Basque pigs roam free in the forest in the Basque mountainside.
The pigs mainly feed on herbs and seasonal fruits like chestnuts, acorns and beechnuts (from September to the first snow) and on a food supplement of GM-free cereals given daily by the breeders to preserve their food balance.
Les Aldudes ham
Les Aldudes sausage
Jésus sausage
dry sausage
baked beans

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Bayonne ham crisp-and cream, green apple jelly


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