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Roland Lambert

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Area: Bourcefranc Le Chapus – Marennes Oléron – Nouvelle-Aquitaine region


Claire specials, Lambert specials, Émeraude

Roland Lambert created his company on 23 August 1974, a family adventure that has now continued for three generations. The founder’s grandchildren Mathieu and Sarah Bon joined the company to continue its ancestral tradition and expertise. The business owns ten hectares of oyster beds in the Marennes-Oléron basin and ten hectares in Paimpol in Brittany, with the two sites producing nearly 400 tons of oysters per year.
The Roland Lambert company also buys, matures and sells different types oysters: shallow, green, special and flat (in French: creuses, fines de claires, spéciales de claires & plates).

The company produces 400 tons of oysters a year on average and sells around 800 tons.

Quality is the watchword for Lambert establishments.

The oyster production cycle takes about 3.5 years and is split into various stages.
The Roland Lambert teams pay particular care and attention to every single stage to ensure a high-quality product.
Oysters undergo reproduction (birth of the oyster), removal (detachment of the one-year-old oyster), development (in beds for a period of around two years) and maturation in maturation ponds (‘claires’).

The oysters grow in these ‘claires’ (old converted salt marshes) which offer a very mineral and nutrient-rich environment that gives the oysters their distinct terroir taste.

These basins also see the development of blue ‘Navicula ostrea’, a microscopic algae, which upon contact, gives the oyster flesh its typical green colour. Greening in ‘claires’ is very random and generally occurs between September and April. The water undergoes regular quality checks.

Claire specials
Lambert specials

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